Board of Directors

  • Hon. Karen Wells Roby
    Hon. Karen Wells Roby Board Member
  • Hon. Dale N. Atkins
    Hon. Dale N. Atkins Vice-President
  • Hon. Nakisha Ervin-Knott
    Hon. Nakisha Ervin-Knott Board Member
  • Percy Manson
    Percy Manson Board Member
  • Darleene Peters
    Darleene Peters Secretary
  • Verna R. Polk
    Verna R. Polk Treasurer
  • Jonathan Stewart
    Jonathan Stewart President

Advisory Board

  • Lois R. Blakes
    Lois R. Blakes Executive Senior Pastor
  • Robert C. Blakes, Jr.
    Robert C. Blakes, Jr. Bishop
  • Samuel R. Blakes
    Samuel R. Blakes Bishop
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